Hi, everyone

I'm looking for a answer of the following ploblem
I seted up the NotifierMngr in VCS2.2 on linux
this detects the resource error and send e-mail to me to notifiy
after that , VCS get to failover to second node, then all service would return.
that's all right so far.
but I still get a notifier e-mail from vcs every 3 minutes. every 3 minutes
All resource seem to be clear at "hastatus -sum"

How can I get to solve this ploblem?

------Quote from notifier mail --------------

Event Time: Tue Apr 27 17:49:23 2004

Entity Name: ApacheWeb
Entity Type: Resource
Entity Subtype: Application
Entity State: Resource has faulted
Traps Origin: Veritas_Cluster_Server
System Name: node1
Entities Container Name: gr1
Entities Container Type: Service Group
Entities Owner: unknown

------Quote from main.cf------------
NotifierMngr ntfr (
PathName = "/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/notifier"
SmtpServer = "mail.aaa.com"
SmtpRecipients = { "aaa@aaa.com" = Error }