I have just had a disk failure on a Solaris 8 system using
VXVM 3.1.1 to manage RAID5 volumes.

The vxrelocd daemon has attempted to recover the affected
volumes, but succeeded only partially. One of the messages
it sent me while doing this reads as follows.

> Relocation was not successful for subdisks on disk f75 in
> volume data-11 in disk group rootdg. No replacement was made and the
> disk is still unusable.
> The following volumes have storage on f75:
> data-13
> data-14
> data-15
> These volumes are still usable, but the the redundancy of
> those volumes is reduced. Any RAID-5 volumes with storage on
> the failed disk may become unusable in the face of further
> failures.

The message

* does not say what command vxrelocd had issued
* does not say what the exit code was
* does not include the output (eithe stdout or stderr)
of the failed command

Am I right in thinking that vxrelocd does not log its actions
anywhere, and leaves the Sysadmin with no way of finding out
what went wrong?