Hello all!

I'm just wondering if anyone have any experience with VxVM in a SAN enviroment
To be more specific, I am looking into building an enviroment with Dell PowerEdge
2650 (smp), 2x QLA2310F, connected to a Hitachi 9200 (2 gb fc).
Also using Veritas DMP for failover, and VxFS for filesystem.
The linux flavour is Redhat AS 2,1.
The latest Qlogic HBA drivers are installed.
Is anyone using a similar soloution ?
Is there any potential problems ? Everything seems to be supported with veritas.

My current problem is that the HBA's sees all the luns shared out (via /proc/scsi/qla2300/
1 & 2 ), but on one of the HBA's it does not make block devices of the luns
over 11 (of a total of 27). The block devices come up via the other HBA though.

All information is greatly appriciated!

Mats Berger