does any one know what all ports veritas volume manager daemons or utilties
like vxclust or vxclustadm use
or any rpc programs these commands /veritas daemons register with rpcbind
we got a 2 node sun cluster 3.0 on solaris 8 with vxvm 3.2 latest patches
when node 2 is shutdown node1 shows and error that rpc timed out with lkcm
and it keep on retrying step 1 and never comes out of that
but it doesnt panic
still /usr/cluster/lib/ucmm/clustm getstate clustername
shows step1 for ever and this error shows up on console

i was wondering if some how any of the rpc programs doesnt get started up
with veritas
but no idea what all rpc programs veritas runs

any help will be great