We currently have a disk group which total size is 63.8 GB by using nine of
7.3 GB disks in a EMC disk storage box.

Since the contract of this EMC disk storage box is going to expire in this
month, we decided to evacuate the disk group to a new EMC disk storage box
which each disk is 11.6 GB.

Our calculation is: 9 disks x 7.3GB/disk = 6 disks x 11.6GB/disk. Therefore,
we assigned 6 disks from the new EMC box to the disk group we want to do

However, we notice "vxevac" or VMSA is evacuating data from one disk to another.
After evacuate the data from the first old disk (7.3gb) to the new disk
(11.6gb), we still have 4 gb left in the first new disk.

How to evacuate the data from the second old disk (7.3gb/disk) to the first
new disk (since it still has 4 gb left), so we won't waste the extra disk
space in the new disk?