Hi @ll

I have a D1000 array with two machines e250.

In one diskgroup i had 2 disk (c0t1d0 & c1t0d0). I created 4 volumens in
c0t0d0 (vol01, vol02, vol03, vol04). I mirrored all the volumens to test
purposed on the another disk (c1t0d0). I taked off one of the 2 disk for the
D1000. Everything was all rigth. Volume Manager detected the deattach disk.
In the meanwhile the other disk worked fine. When i putted on the disk in
the D1000 i had a problem. Veritas detected the new disk but he did't make
the mirror automaticaly.

Here is the question:

How can i setup in volume manager an automaticaly mirror. When i change a
bad disk and i put one new i want to mirror automaticaly??


I need to reenter all the process to mirror the disks by command line????