We are currently planning the installation of a small SAN configuration
consisting in a file server connected to a storage array thru a fibre channel

Configuration :
- Sun 4500 under Solaris 7 with 2 system disks mirrored with
Solstice Disk Suite.

- STK 9176 storage array with +- 4.5 TBytes.

- switch Fibre Channel Brocade 16 ports.

Software :
Veritas VxFS 3.3.2 and Veritas VxVM 3.0.2 (part of Veritas File server

Edition 5.0.1)
We have no experience with those Veritas products.

The questions concern the residency of the 'rootdg' of Volume Manager.
As mentioned above, we don't want our system disk to be managed by VxVM
because of the complexity of coping with encapsulated root disks.

So, rootdg must reside on the STK storage array.

Would not that be a problem at reboot because VxVM will be able to start
only after the storage array is on-line which is not at the beginning
of the boot process.

If the answer is 'there is no problem', what is the best choice between
a rootdg of 72 GBytes consisting in 2 drives (hard) mirrored or in a large
rootdg of 650 GBytes in hard Raid5 organisation?

Thanks in advance