Hi there,

maybe you can give me some hints about the following problem:

i have a sun e450 running solaris 2.6 here with a eurologic voyager 3000
raid connected to it.

the raid has 2 controllers in it, so in the sun the raid appears as two huge
disks (each one 86 GB), the sun
has also a seperate controller for each one of those "disks".

on the sun veritas volume manager 2.5 is used to make one huge 170 GB disk
out of this two 86 GB

so when i use the "format" utility on the sun, just the two 86 disks appear,
but they are mounted as one 170
disk on the sun using vertias.

now my problem:

i have to resize the 170 GB raid, i'll have to change the harddisks, they
are already delivered.

the raid will be about 430 GB (so two large disks, each one 215 GB).

but how do i have to proceed if i change the disk configuration? what steps
do i have to take in veritas
volume manager?

i dont need to keep the data on the current raid, i'll delete its contents
before replacing the disks.

i would be very thankful if you could give me something like a short roadmap
of the most important steps that
i have to perform when i change the disks.

kind regards