I have a client that is running Sun's Volume Manager 2.5 on a Sun 450e
running Solaris 2.51. They have recently been having a problem when they
reboot. The machine gets to the point where it would be mounting all the
drives and halts with the following message:
vxvm:vxvol: ERROR:Volume database-vol-02 has no complete, nonvolatile
ACTIVE plexes

After you Ctrl-D and fsck the volume, the machine comes right up. But it
does this now every time. I can't find this error message anywhere in the
manual or on-line at Veritas. And of course they have no service contracts
of any kind. Has anybody seen this before and can you point me at what needs
to be done to repair the problem that is causing it?

Please also reply directly to me as I don't get into this newsgroup very



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