First the particulars:

Sun Solaris 2.7 (RISC)
Veritas Volume Manager 3.0.2c

For the last three years, we have routinely made backup/test databases by:

1. Full export a production database
2. Create the database on another set of drives by building the exact
same object names (datafiles, rollback segments) but different datafiles
3. Import the exported database.

This has always worked smoothly. This was done with a Sun A3500 array.
(All disk is raw under Volume Manager control).

Two weeks ago we hooked up an EMC Clariion 4500. We started to create a
copy of a database during the day when there were 150 users on the
production databases. During the creation of the tablespaces for the COPY
of the database, a few random datafiles corrupted on the production
database. Not all of them, just a few. To make matters more confusing, the
first four datafiles were fine, the last four corrupted. Off to tape we
went with a down production database.

This problem only seems to occur when high IO is going on in the system
(Enterprise 5000). The A3500 is connected via SCSI, the Clariion 4500 via
Fibre Channel.

The vendors are stumped! Anyone have any ideas?