I have a Sun E220R running Solaris 8 ( Latest Solaris 8 Cluster Patch )
and we have installed Database Edition for Oracle HA VCS 2.1.1. This
includes the VxVM 3.0.4 which has version 3.0.6 of VMSA Server.

VMSA Client is installed on the same machine as the server hangs
periodically while managing the storage devices. Is there a patch for
this or a configuration I am not aware of? I see several people
complaining about the same problem on the news groups?

I do not see any error messages in the server.log file
(/var/opt/vmsa/logs). Any help would be appreciated. This is more of
an annoyance than a problem

Thanks in Advance
Jay Holt
6 Bridge Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
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(732) 635 - 9510