Hi there.

We currently have:
SSA Model 112 JBOD
Ultra 2
Solaris 2.5
VxVM version 2.3

The hardware won't be changing, but I'll be upgrading to:

Solaris 7
VxVM version 3.1

The VxVM installation manual explains how to upgrade Solaris and
VxVM at the same time (pg 45). Unfortunately, we're in a university
computing environment which requires a fresh install of Solaris 2.7.
That is, the Solaris install procedure will involve wiping
the internal disk on the Ultra 2 and installing Solaris 2.7. Then,
I'll install VxVM 3.1.

My question is, will I still be able to access the volumes
on the SSA? Which of the 16 steps in the install manual should
I still perform?

None of the file systems /, /usr, /var, or /opt are defined on

Thanks in advance!


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