I'm using VxVM 3.0.4 on Sparc solaris 8 two node cluster.
hardware is 2 E220R and one A1000 array.
Sun Cluster 2.2 and VxVM configured.
During I/O operations with HANFS volumes, time to time ALL I/O operations
with volume hang up.
fm monitor, 'cause problem in not NFS related cann't detect the problem and
even more.
I cann't manually restart cluster, the only escape is to reboot node.
However the work with other volume even in the same disk group is not interrupted,
no works fine.
If this is a bug, could you please tell me patch URL.

PS. volume is simple concat volume with no mirrors and logs,
but anyway I've tried patch vxvm.304e.vxio.patch.i43178.
Didn't help.

Thanx in advance,
Dmitry Khrissanov