Hello All,
At present I am configuring VM 3.1 on an HPUX 11.00 system connected
via Fiber to a SAN switch in Fabric Mode to an HP XP256 for remote file systems.
During a reboot of the system which takes about 35 minutes, VxVM hangs/sits
for about 15 minutes or so(during the vxconfigd -m boot). We have 59 7GB
Luns on the XP for use.... So now I ask for your help/advice.

Is there a ratio of x number of seconds per Lun for/during reboot to
check the Disk array?
Will Lun Security being enabled and used lessen the reboot time?
Would using the disks.exclude or cntrl.exclude help for reboots?
Are there any fine tuning parameters that are recommended for speeding
up the reboot process? Or furthermore speeding up the ioscan process?

Awaiting your replies,
Thanks in advance everyone,
John "Shadow" Skadowski