Hi, I have a clean system that I install solaris 2.7 on and then 3.0.1 and
can not encapsulate the root disk, i keep getting this error..(below)This
happens weather or not I use quick or custom install. Any ideas...



Volume Manager Quick Installation
Menu: VolumeManager/Install/QuickInstall

The c0t0d0 disk is your Boot Disk. You can not add it as a new
disk. If you encapsulate it, you will make your root file system
and other system areas on the Boot Disk into volumes. This is
required if you wish to mirror your root file system or system
swap area.

Encapsulate Boot Disk [y,n,q,?] (default: n) y

Enter disk name for [,q,?] (default: rootdisk)
vxvm:vxdmpadm: ERROR: c0t0d0 is not a valid dmp node name

The c0t0d0 disk appears to be empty. Adding as a new disk.