I have to create a mirrored-stripes volume (i.e. RAID level 1+0)
on a Sun using two StoreEdge D1000 enclosures, so I want to use all
the four SCSI channels available.

IŽd like to build things like this:
1st stripe - main copy : disk c0t0d0
1st stripe - mirror copy : disk c1t0d0
2nd stripe - main copy: disk c2t0d0
2nd stripe - mirror copy : disk c3t0d0

(I have other disk/stripes to add, but from
these four first I should understand how to go on)

So, could you help me to compose the "vxassist make"
command that could create this kind of volume, with
stripes exactly in this order?

Thank you in advance

Massimo Gais