I am trying to create 8 RAID-5 Volumes Volumes from 4 Physical Disks.
Below is the procedure that I followed to make the volumes.

Version 3.0.2 VxVM on Solaris 7 E250

Step 1:
I have 4 (18GB) Physical Disks: I have created 8 subdisks(2 GB/ea) on
each physical Disk.
disk01-0, disk01-2........, disk01-7
disk02-0,....................., disk02-7
disk03-0,....................., disk03-7
disk05-0,....................., disk05-7
The subdisks were created with the following command:
vxmake sd sub_disk_name disk_name,offset,size

Example of disk01:
vxmake sd disk01-0 disk01,0,2g
vxmake sd disk01-1 disk01,4194304,2g
vxmake sd disk01-2 disk01,8388608,2g
vxmake sd disk01-3 disk01,12587912,2g
vxmake sd disk01-4 disk01,16782216,2g
vxmake sd disk01-5 disk01,21976620,2g
vxmake sd disk01-6 disk01,26170924,2g
vxmake sd disk01-7 disk01,30365228,2g
(The Above was repeated for disk02,disk03,disk05)

Step 2:
I have created 8 RAID-5 Plexes ( As below: )

vxmake plex plex-0 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-1 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-2 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-3 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-4 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-5 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-6 layout=raid5 stwidth=32
vxmake plex plex-7 layout=raid5 stwidth=32

Step 3: Create Volumes

I am unable to create a RAID-5 Volume from the Associated Plex:

While the using the following command:

vxmake -U fsgen vol-0 plex=plex-0

The following error is returned: "
cannot associate plex w/ RAID-5 layout to a volume of Non-RAID5 READ

I want to create 8 separate RAID-5 volumes from the 8 plexes that were
created in Step2.
Can someone help as to the appropriate command syntax?

Each Volume should consist of the 4 (2g) subdisk: 6 GB for Volume & 2GB
for Parity

Thanks in advance\

Jay Holt