Ok, I'm not very familiar with Veritas, so bear with me. We had a disk failure
on some Fiber Boxes (DotHill...don't ask). I replaced the disk and eventually
ended up "recovering" whatever was on the bad disk. I had to force a start
up of the volumes with the "vxvol -g rootdg -f start volname" command. After
doing this, I fsck-ed the different volumes and mounted them. Everything
seemed fine, until we realized that all of the data in one of the volumes
was missing. I think that just this one volume is the one giving me problems.
I've looked at the Veritas support site for help, but to no avail. Does
anyone have any ideas or suggestions about what I could possibly do to recover
the missing data? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


P.S. All of the volumes look fine through the GUI and through the vxprint