We are running Solaris 7 on a Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000, with Veritas Volume
and have recently started encapsulating disks mounted directly in the server
into the

We recently encapsulated the root disk with name (sun)disk15-data, and
didn't seem to
have any problems with it at the time it was done. However, a few weeks
later, we
encapsulated a second disk, and suddenly started having problems getting to
applications and starting our database server. We get some error messages
system boot which indicate a problem with the root disk (not the last one we

While researching the problem, we attempted to rename the root disk from
(sun)disk15-data, and could not rename it.

How can we safely remove the root disk from Volume Manager control, without
data or the ability to boot the system?

Is there a problem with using (sun)disk15-data as the name?

Why would we start experiencing problems with the root disk only after
adding the
next disk to Volume Manager?

Jim Giles