We installed Sun StorEdge Volume Manager 2.6 with Solaris 2.6 on a ultra2
server. I turned on the "vxconfigd -x log", so the logs should go to /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log
file. I also run the vxsparecheck command to ask volume manager send me email
if there is any error. The vxrelocd was running as well. Then I did a test.
I opened the box and took off a hard disk. I thought I should receive error
message by email and see a log in the log file, but nothing happened. None
of them worked. There was no log. There was no email for root. There was
no email for me. I was really scared. Even after the disk was taken off,
there is no error message. What can I do? How can I monitor the volume manager?
How can I know if it is working properly? Thank you for your help!