I run NetBackup Server 5.0MP2 on an NT4 machine, and backup several mixed
clients (3-Win2k machines,1-NetApp F825, 1-NT4). I run two policies and
two NBU storage units, one for NDMP operations, and the other for Media Manager(Windows)
operations. The device I use to store the information is a PV132T SDLT Tape
Library, attached through a SCSI bus to the NT4 master server. Backups of
both policies have worked in the past; however, the NDMP policy has continuously
struggled with error code 213, which states that the policy calls for a storage
unit that is not available. Most of the time, I could start a manual backup
after the error, and the operation would complete successfully; this has
not been the case for the past few weeks. The policy requests ANY storage
unit available. I have tried changing this to specifically get the ndmp
storage unit, and tried on demand for that unit also. I have also tried
loading 5.0MP4 on a 2k server, creating only 1 policy for ndmp, and the same
error occurs. Do you have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks