I have a client that wants to offer offsite backup and storage for
commercial clients. He has a combination of fiber and 5.3 Ghz wireless
points that allow his clients up to 10 Mb/sec.

A company that subscribes to his service, usually with a wireless subscriber
unit on their roof, becomes a member of a private network. At his cente of
operations, besides web and Exchange servers, is a fireproof bankers vault
with a backup server and RAID arrays.

The plan is to create volumes on the Windows 2000 backup server, rent them
out, and remotely backup clients on the fiber / wireless network. The
clients will have a mixture of units at the other end, some Windows
servers, but also just workstations and stannd-alone computers. The plan is
to back up critical data like accounting files. Proposals are NTFS volumes
in increments of 30 Gb.

All the clients will be on the same subnet. What type of software would be
best suited for this? A few other questions:

1. Is there software that would dynamically back up a remote site similar
to a Windows 2000 DFS replicating itself?

2. Can backup jobs be encrypted and the key held by only the client? I was
thinking about lawyers and confidentiality concerns.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.