Hi all,

We installed Netbackup 3.4 business server last April. When the Veritas
install guy was here to do the install and help us configure it, he
configured OTM (Open Transaction Manager) on some of our NT clients. Sounded
great to us! :-)

Well, the other day I needed to restore some stuff from one of the NT
backups and I find that it's not on any of my tapes! Yikes! I find out that
the stuff wasn't backed up because it was considered an "open file". I
thought OTM was supposed to take care of that. After some testing, I turned
on logging for OTM on the NT client. When I checked the log it said that
there's no license on the server for OTM.

That sure surprised me. Since the Veritas guy configured OTM for me I
assumed (I guess that was a bad thing to do) that OTM came with NB Business

So I guess I have a couple of questions. 1) Is OTM part of NB Business
Server or is it a separate package that I need to buy a license for? 2) If
it is a licensed product, do I just need to buy one license that'll cover
all 8 clients (well 6 NT - 2 clients are Solaris) or do I need to buy one
for EACH NT machine?

Thanks for any help/info. Oh, BTW, my NB server is running on a Sun Ultra 10
w/ Solaris 7 (if it matters).