I will preface this by saying I have recently taken over these backups and
I know very little at this point about Netbackup and Solaris 9, the guy that
was doing these left the agency.

We are running business server 4.5 mp6 on Solaris 9 with Storedge L9 loader
backing up local machine only. We have a cleaning tape,catalog tape, 3 daily
tapes and 4 weekly tapes in loader. Our daily's go fine as well as catalog
backups, but our weekly's will not run and they throw " error 96: unable
to allocate new media" errors on previously used media. We have labeled using
bplabel, made sure it was unfrozen using bpmedia -unfreeze and also expired
it using bpexpdate on several different sets of tapes and everything looks
fine until the weekly runs and it errors out. These 3 steps have worked in
the past, but it seems now something else is needed.

Are we missing another step perhaps? Is there any way to tell if the tapes
will run before the job starts? It takes 12 hours to error out and until
that point, it appears the job is running, a tape will have a date stamp
in the activity monitor and it looks like its going, then 12 hours later
it errors out and there are no date stamps on any weekly tapes.

Our hands are tied on this server because the Oracle people using it wont
let us have it during working hours so we cant really test things until Friday
evening so I am asking for help here in hopes of cutting my testing down.
I appreciate any help.