I am hoping somebody can please explain why we are getting weird scheduling
errors with NB v. 4.5 on Solaris. Or tell me what I am doing wrong.

An example we have a policy that is set to go into effect on 12/13/2002,
in it is a full backup schedule that has a frequency of 4 weeks and a retention
time of a month. The job ran correctly from its initial start date. However,
just this past weekend 1/3/2003 the scheduled full job ran again just "3"
weeks after its initial starting time. Can anyone explain why it did this?

Also has anyone noticed a sorting bug in the reports. When you do a report
that crosses the year boundry, the dates are not sorted correctly. You will
get a listing like:


It acts as if it is sorting by month then day instead of complete date. I
wonder if this is related?

Roger Palmer
Chapin Hall Center
Univeristy of Chicago