OK. Now I am really just talking to myself.

In any event, closer docs scrutiny/usage solved this.

A "DO_NOT_EJECT_STANDALONE" (minus quotes) in the:
/netbackup/install/dir/volmgr/vm.conf file
solves this issue affecting standalone drives.

"Ben" wrote:
>Hello All--
>Quick issue. I am using Seagate Sidwinder 70 AIT drive with NB
>Business server 3.3 running on a Sun box w/ Solaris 7. My issue
>is that it keeps ejecting the tape after completing backups.
>I would prefer it keep the same volume in until I desire to change
>I am aware of properly configuring the cataloging facility and
>have done so, so that is not the issue. As well, I have configured
>the drive to be in standalone mode. It is a "plain" tape drive w/o any
>autoloader facility.
>Is there a way to prevent or modify the ejection behavior?
>The drive was not on the HW compatibility list last time I checked, but,
>hey it works
>in general. One has to use what is at disposal.
>prevent this behavior?
>Ben Batten
>Unix/Linux Systems Administrator