We are trying to get ZoneAlarm Pro (1.0.64, TrueVector 2.4.64) to work with
the Veritas NetBackup Client (version 3.4GA) and I'm having limited success.

The problem is that ZoneAlarm issures the following alert.

"Do you want to allow Unknown Process: 1956 (Invalid Handle Error) to access
the local network? "
Unfortunately, it does no good to say "Yes" and "Remember the answer each
time," since the Unknown Process number (in this case it's 1956) changes
every time a backup is attempted, so ZoneAlarm Pro sees each instance as a
separate program due to the changing process number.

ZoneAlarm will allow a backup if the Server is included in the Local Zone -
Always Allow Access to get a
backup. The local setting for security is Medium.

Is there a way to configure ZoneAlarm Pro to allow the Veritas software to
communicate without always allowing everything on the PC access to the Local

Carl Mathews