I am attempting to get Netbackup 3.2 up and running in our lab.

Does Netbackup 3.2 support the ADIC VLS SDX "Virtual Library System?" And
if so, is it a library or a robot?

We would like to carry over our ADIC VLS SDX systems from our previous backup
scheme, but I am beginning to fear that the library will not be supported.
I know that the drives (two Sony 300c) are found in other libraries/robots
suppported by Netbackup. However when looking at the page labeled NetBackup
Version 3.2*Device Support List for ADIC Hardware
at http://support.veritas.com/dsl/lists...endor_ADIC.htm
the closest I can find is the VLS DLT 300. As far as I can tell, the DLT
300 is a 7 slot magazine, mine is an 11 slot magazine.