I'm about to start evaluating Netbackup to help central my server room backups.
I currently have 21 NT servers, 9 UNIX servers and 5 Netware servers. I'm
presently backing up the UNIX & NT servers via a dedicated NT server running
BAckupExec for NT. And backing up the Netware servers via a dedicated backup
server running BackupExec for Netware. I wanted to find out what the performance
is like of Netbackup backing up all these 3 operating systems. Does it backup
Netware servers well ? Or is the Netbackup agent for Netware average on
performance ? From what I've read so far, the agent is only a client agent,
and not a server agent. Is this correct ? Any other suggestions for helping
me with a new backup strategy would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
Tim Steele