I know this may sound like Im asking for magic but just in case there
really is a tool out there:

This is what I want to do:
I have 10 Servers on Intel Server Hardware that I backupand have one BIG
Hot-Spare Server gathering dust in the corner.
I want to be able to restore any of the other servers onto this machine if
the HW gets smoked, instead of keeping a stash of ALL components just in
case. Most of them have RAID controllers by GDT and use the same driver but
some have older Mylex controllers in them causing the restored NT to BSOD of

Tried IDR in BackupExec and that can restore nicely but of course the system
wont start.

Is there a tool that will let you INSERT drivers to the NT system "offline"
when you boot from a disk ? Usually
NT wont mind extra drivers that are installed if there is no device, they
just dont start and complain a little. If the restored system boots then
replacing NIC drivers etc is not a big problem..

Veritas Hotline told me "no way" but I wont take no for an anser..this
seems technically do-able. The tool would of course need to write to a
system Registry on NTFS to work reliably =)