Peer to Peer Newsgroups

Thank you for participating in our newsgroups! We hope that you enjoy using
this service as a means to exchange information, tips, and techniques regarding
VERITAS products.

In order to ensure a smooth flow of information in these newsgroups, please
review the Expectations of Service and Rules of Conduct for this server which
are listed below for your convenience. If you are looking for direct support
on your VERITAS product, please visit our support web site at:

Thanks again for your interest and participation in this service!

Expectations of Service

VERITAS's Role: VERITAS does not offer any formal support in the public newsgroups.
Instead, VERITAS sponsors the newsgroups as a platform for participating
in the global community of VERITAS customers and product experts. In addition,
VERITAS may monitor the newsgroups to ensure accuracy of information and
to assist people as needed. Out dated posts may be removed from the server
on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of performance for this service.

Rules of Conduct

Appropriate Language: The purpose of the newsgroups is to exchange technical
information and expertise on VERITAS products. Personal attacks, slurs, and
profanity in your messages are forbidden and may lead to the Removal of the

Message Topics: Please keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject
of the newsgroup. It's normal for some message topics to drift from the stated
subject. However, to ensure maximum impact and benefit for all participants
involved, please keep your messages close to the newsgroup's subject.

REMOVAL of Posts: VERITAS Software Corporation reserves the right to remove
any posts that it deems illegal, inappropriate or unnecessary. The system
will also automatically prune old posts as needed to ensure the highest level
of speed and responsiveness from the server.

Advertising/Solicitation: The newsgroups are for peer-to-peer assistance
on VERITAS products. Participants are asked to refrain from posting advertisements
or solicitations not pertaining to the intended use and purpose of the newsgroups.

Participation is voluntary. VERITAS assumes no responsibility for any liability
resulting from the your voluntary usage of and participation in the newsgroups.

Thank you,
VERITAS Support Services