"Dave Pearson" wrote:
>"Dave Race" wrote:
>>Have any of you folks experienced a memory leak problem with OTM
>>NT 4.0 SP3? I have recieved a couple of suspicious reports from
>>my customers that my indicate a problem.

>We have an NT 4.0 SP5 server running SMS 2.0 which crashed last night just
>after starting its backup. This happened twice so we turned off OTM and

>locked files; the server stayed up and the backup went through fine. This
>obviously needs further investigation but I thought I'd let you know.

There is a tweak to the OTM_MAX_CACHESIZE that needs to be made from the
default install of OTM (Cloumbia's Open File Manager). The default uses
10% of the drive space I think, and the fix is to set it to "0" so that cache
space is allocated dynamically.

The jobs will usually go status "11" before applying this fix to the client.

BTW, I noticed a big performance gain (actually returned the system to performance
levels seen in 3.1.5 with NO OTM installed) after turning OFF OTM on my master