We're trying to use the netBackup Advanced Client for unix v5.0
product to backup our Clearcase VOBs and are having trouble locking
the VOB database before the VxFS_Snapshot is mounted.

Having read the Advanced Client Admin Guide, the process is as

1. Backup process requests database quiesce.
2. Database application quiesces (must wait for transactions
to complete).
3. Lock and flush the file system.
4. Create the snapshot.
5. Unlock the file system.
6. Release (unquiesce) the application.
7. Back up the snapshot.
8. (Optional Remove the snapshot.

Steps 1, 2, and 6 apply
only to databases, such
as those requiring
NetBackup for Oracle
Advanced Client.

Now, if there was a way to work out what communication happens between
the Master Server and the backup client in Step 1 above, we could have
the Clearcase VOBs lock script run that way. Then unlock at Step 6, or
are these steps specific plugins, only available for Oracle, etc?

Also, is there any planned support for Clearcase in the future? I've
read stuff dating back from 2000 about a specific lack of support for
Clearcase, but is this still the case (now and in the future)?

Any info appreciated.