I have a master server running version 3.4 on solaris 2.6 and a slave server
running NT 4.0. I added a solaris 8 client and installed the client
software. I'm using vopie_util to make the auth keys and have set the
correct settings in openv/var/auth/methods_alllow.txt on all concerned
machines. The backup daemons are all running and responding.

When I try to backup to the master (solaris) server, I have no problems, but
when I try to backup using the volume group on the slave (NT) servers, I get
the authentication error.

I know I am missing just one little step somewhere, but I can't put my
finger on it so if someone could give me a suggestion, it would be greatly

And I know how old all this stuff is, so any comments about upgrading can be
omitted. (It's old, but it runs rock solid).