I'm experiencing a problem with a bpstart_notify script which runs for
approximately 20 minutes. Apparently, it is too long for NetBackup's liking

I've increased BPSTART_TIMEOUT and CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT on master and media
servers. Placed, BPSTART_TIMEOUT on my client and it still won't work. It
seems like NBU is not picking up these updated parameters (note, all the
NetBackup daemons have been restarted).

Here is the error I get in bpbkar log

00:38:29 [1555] <16> flush_archive(): ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno =
32:Broken pipe
00:38:29 [1555] <16> bpbkar Exit: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 24:
socket write failed

I'm running NetBackup 3.4 on Solaris 8 platform. The backup runs fine if I
take out the 20 min part of the bpstart_notify script, hence it is
definitely timeout related.

Any help would be appreciated.