We have an ADIC Scalar 1000 with AIT-2 Drives and we are trying
to connect it directly to the Auspex NS2000 and backup using
Veritas Netbackup & NDMP.

We can setup ok and we can see the Library and drives ok, we can
have the robot mount/dismount tapes ok, however once a tape is
mounted we cannot read/write from/to the tape, it is as if the
driver for the AIT drive is not present.

Does anybody know if AIT-2 drives are supported in such a
config with Auspex, Veritas Netbackup and NDMP ?.

Is anybody out there using AIT-2 drives with Auspex and Veritas

If so do you have any ideas what we might have done wrong ?.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Best regards