When will Netbackup be able to run on a intel or AMD box running Linux?
It would be nice to have Linux master, Linux slaves and fast Linux boxes
with differential SCSI controllers/drives and a StorageTek 9710 library.
Currently we are using Sun hardware, which is falling behind in bus speeds
(I/O), unlike a PCI based Intel or AMD FSB 266MHz or Intel 133MHz, price
to performance is very impressive with Linux, Sun currently cannot match.
Even if we could run a Sun Master and Linux slaves this would be a good compromise.
We would look at using quad Compaq Xeons processor 6400R servers, with multiple
NICS and differential SCSI controllers.
Upgrading our current Sun E4500's to add more processors, (looks like the
quad processors are maxing out) does not seem an attractive option, with
the same cost we could put in multiple Linux slave servers.