I am running NBU3.2 on NT4 (SP6a) and NetBackup patch J0820412. When the BPVault
session starts (V1.4) which is called from the Unix master server,the NT
server fails some of its duplicating images with the errors :

uknt1041 uknt1041 data buffers out of sequence, expected number 5, received

roll bpduplicate host uknt1041 backup id uknt1041_0962666957 read failed,
media manager - system error occurred (174).

roll bpduplicate host uknt1041 backupid uknt1041_0962666957 write failed,
termination requested by administrator (150).

uknt1041 is the NT server and roll is the Unix master server. I've checked
the DLT drives, and these are all ok (the backup works fine). You can also
successfully duplicate the image which failed if you run it again, so the
image is ok. BPVault runs ok on all the Unix systems also.

It appears to be something to do with the load of having several images listed
for duplication.

Does anyone have any ideas?