We just installed netbackup on 3 Solaris 7 machines. 1 master 2 slaves. We
have 2 ATL robotic units connected to each slave.

When we do a backup, all seems to go well. When you try to do a restore
though, the restore hangs and we get scsi timeout errors that get logged to
/var/adm/messages. We also get these errors during robotest.

I have successfully mounted one tape in the library and used ufsbackup and
ufsrestore to backup and restore data .. we only get this problem when using
netbackup and restoring what we backed up or if we try to append to a tape).
It is almost as if when it does the initial backup, that when it tries to
read to the tape, it can't find what it is looking for and times out.

Is there anything special you have to do to get this working on Solaris 7?
We have set up the st.conf file as what Veritas says it should be (and we
tried the Quantum settings as well). Both give the same results.

The ATL units have been tested.

Anyone have any ideas?