Hi. We're getting the following error about half-way through our
backup. This works on another machine (nearly identical) but will not
work on this one. We had the same problem under NB 3.1.1 but Veritas
wouldn't support that combo (3.1.1/Oracle 8.0.6)...

Here it is:

RMAN-08010: channel f2: including datafile 20 in backupset
RMAN-08010: channel f2: including datafile 13 in backupset
RMAN-08010: channel f2: including datafile 22 in backupset
RMAN-00569: ================error message stack follows================
RMAN-03007: retryable error occurred during execution of command: backup
RMAN-07004: unhandled exception during command execution on channel f2
RMAN-10035: exception raised in RPC: ORA-19624: operation failed, retry
ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="", parms=""
ORA-27021: sequential file handle must be specified
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE", line 408
RMAN-10031: ORA-19624 occurred during call to

Recovery Manager complete.

Thu Apr 27 17:30:22 EDT 2000 ----------------End of

exit 1

Note the filename is "".

I've noticed some differences in the rman executable on both machines:

> [njmgt1]/apps/oracle/product/8.0.6/bin> sum rman*
> 50744 8612 rman
> 49471 8603 rmanO
> [njmgt2]/apps/oracle/product/8.0.6/bin> sum rman*
> 34384 8505 rman
> 49471 8603 rmanO

Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Lance M. Tost, UNIX Administrator

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