We are configuring Netbackup V 3.2 on a
Compaq UNIX Server with DIGITAL UNIX 4.0D and TruCluster 1.5.
Each of the servers has 2 network interfaces (let us call them
serv1int1, serv1int2, serv2int1, serv2int2), one for the public
traffic (.....int1) and one for the netbackup traffic
For the netbackup master server a service is set up with a
cluster IP address (let us call it serv3int1 and serv3int4 for
the two interfaces)

My question is the following:
How shall we set up the bp.conf for the two cluster nodes
holding the netbackup master server?
We want to be sure that on one hand
the netback traffic goes via the dedicated interface
and on the other hand
that it does matter on which of the two
cluster nodes the master server runs.