Hi Admins

I am relatively new to veritas netbackup. we have a Digital Unix v 4.0D with
PK3 and also HARDWARE ALPHA VERSION NetBackup 3.1.1GA
Tue Apr 28 04:28:00 CDT 1998, veritas .we have a situation. when we tried
a date change(not the time) to feb29,2000 for testing purposes, we forgot
to kill/stop S-scripts netbackup daemons..it started a backup during day-time
and completed with date set as Feb29,2000. when we check the media manager,
we found nothing in "expiration date" column..

why should it start a backup as none is scheduled for daytime?
Is there any way, to restore the data from those tapes which backed up with
date feb 29,2000. Or is there any retension cycle or any related tape database
is also lost?

Please help me in solving this issue. Thanks
(what we are doing is set-date back to normal and remove all tapes and insert
newtapes and try a successful -critical here -backup.)
what should I do to get a normal fallback without any side-effects?