Hi Folks,

Found an answer for our 'failing restores' issue. It appears
that AIX has a 'default' limit of approx 128-130MB of dataspace
for any given process. During processing at the beginning of a
restore, 'bpdbm' and 'bprd' would swap info, until bprd hit
'130MB'. Then it would fail with a
"Status 10 - Allocation Failed". Symptoms would show 'malloc()'
failures in the 'bprd' log. '/usr/local/bin/top' was used to
show process/pid/memory used.

Fix: Use 'ulimit' or modify '/etc/security/limits' to increase
the 'data(kbytes)' allowable limit to something greater than
130MB. Remember, that on AIX, I believe this to be
"user-specific". We've bumped it up to 1.5GB on the AIX master.
(Solaris is 2GB by default, I believe.