Hello everyone,

We are experiencing problems with Net backup Pro Console ver. build
35588a & Net backup backup pro build 298, operating system Windows
XP SP2 & Windows 2000 sp4. Server installed with W2k server sp4.

Software antivirus McAfee 8.0, Net backup Pro cache excluded from scan as
shown in document id. 259559 on veritas support web.

The problem is that the backup does not works properly, and the target machine
is also freeze, so it have to be "hard restarted".

On the Netbackup pro console, the backup shows that client software not
responding or Lost client connection.

It's coming up randomly in 30% of the target pc's.

This appears to be a program flaw or program misinteraction with other processes,
services or programs. However, technical support keep asking us to buy support
tickets (we've already bought one).

Any suggest will be apreciated.