Howdy -- the vmd server is NBP 3.4GA:

VERSION Media Manager 3.4GA
RELEASEDATE Tue Jun 20 03:04:00 CDT 2000

I suspect I may have something wrong with my physical database; there are
two tapes which were set to expire. Errors were produced in the bpadm log:

11/04/2001 16:44:31 bruno - Media Manager could not deassign media id 000031,
retaining it in NetBackup database
11/04/2001 16:54:30 bruno - Media Manager error 94, volume is not in specified
pool, host = bruno

However, that's an erronious error, the tape is surely there. Trying to
do anything to the tape (expire, delete, move to another pool, etc) results
in errors with the Media Manager library. So, I turned on the debug log,
tried to expire the tape, and see this:

12:27:32 [24995] <4> vdb_fetch_one: fetching record matching media ID 000031,
starting at offset 0
12:27:32 [24995] <4> vdb_seek: seeking to record offset 0 in volDB
12:27:32 [24995] <16> query_deassign_byid: QUERY_DEASSIGN_BYID failed, status=94
12:27:32 [24995] <16> listen_loop: abnormal exit: 94
So, basically I have two tapes here that are 'stuck' that I can't expire,
can't delete, and so forth. This feels like some sort of database corruption
-- unfortunately, rolling back the DB is not really an option, as these are
old tapes, who knows how long it's been screwed up internally. Anyone have
any ideas how to repair this error?

Thanks! CC's to would be greatly appreciated!