I have some problems with an installation of Veritas NetBackup Pro. This is
what has happened so far:

installed it, created a profile and a client installation package. I tried
the package out on two clients, and everything worked just fine. The server
is running Windows NT 4.0 SP 5, the clients Windows NT 4.0 SP 5 or Windows
2000 Pro SP 2.

A few weeks later, I ordered licenses for 25 more clients. But when I got
those licenses, they were version 3.1, and Veritas had changed the license
key format.

After some discussion with my retailer, I got an upgrade for the server to
3.1. I upgraded the server, the existing clients, installed the new licenses
and created a new client installation package. The problems started.

It became hard to stop the server service. Most of the time, the service
got into some kind of zombie-state: It reported itself as running, but you
could not restart or stop the service nor contact the server from the clients
or administration console.

Now, if I tried to install a new client from the client installation package,
the installation program worked without any problem.

If I try to start a backup, I get the following error message:

“Failed to get client workstation information from the server.
Record no longer exists.
Please contact your NetBackup Pro administrator if you need more information

At this time, I check the Console, and there I can see the new client, but
it has not been assigned to a profile. If I manually assign it to a profile,
a new error message appears at the client:
“You have never connected to the server, and you must do this before you
can perform this operation.
Would you like to connect now? [Yes] [No]”

When I answer the question with “No”, it disappears and nothing happens.
And if I click “Yes”, the server is contacted, but the following error message
“Failed to start the backup.
Client Installation not completed
Please contact your NetBackup Pro administrator for more information”

If you have any idea of how to solve this, I would be very greatful.