Good day all,
i have just taken over a netbackup server and am having problems with the
weekly full backups.

There are 3-4 policy's which are basicaly the same.
The backup window for weekly full is from saturday 6pm to monday morning 1
am for all policys.

For some reason this weekend only one server started doing a backup on
saturday 6pm.
The remaing servers started sunday 6pm. As a result of this some full
backups were not run.

I tracked the jobs that did successfully run started 6pm sunday and were all
run on the 3 available tapedrives.
Saturday only one job started at 6pm using 1 tapedrive, the other 2 drives
did not run anything (looking at activity log) and it finished around 5am

Does anyone have any idea why the backup jobs didnt start at saturday 6pm
has this is the start window for all policys.