Good day all,
I am currently trying to test dissimilar restore using BMR.

Following test setup (in VMware):
- Netbackup 6.5 server with BMR license etc
- A XP BMR client , made a full manual backup (Policy is set up for Full
weekly , daily incremental with required BMR attrib on)
- A physical desktop, used the media cd to discover its configuration
- added drivers for physical desktop lan card.

I have been able to test BMR and succesfully restored bmr backup to the same
virtual client (wipped the partition table of it to make sure bmr restore

In netbackup admin console under BMR management i select the bmr client ->
different configuration (physical box with different mac, nic drivers to use
for restore etc) and did prepare to restore.

In BMR managment under task the bmr restore for that client shows.
On the physical desktop i used the media cd that i prepared using bmr
assistant, boot up and get the nic/ip/connect to netbackup server screen.I
left it on dhcp, entered the ip of netbackup server. After that screen i get
the bmr client/config screen, select the one i prepared for restore.

After that restore starts, but stops with the error message stating Unable
to verify backup.

Anyone got any idea's why i get this error and how i can resolve this?

As far as i understand it you can do dissimilar restore but first you have
to discover the hardware to which you want to run the restore to, then under
the bmr client you create a configuration that reflects those hw changes
(mac,nic drivers, etc) Is there anything else i need to do? For some reason
under the tasks screen the restore job that is prepared shows dissimilar as
disabled ?. How does one turn this on? Or does this change if during the
restore a dissimilar hw is detected.

Any info/help is greatly appreciated.