I'm currently running NetBackup Enterprise on a Windows 2003 Master/Media
and a Windows 2000 Media server. I have about 100 clients that are all on
5.1MP5 or MP6.

I'm going to upgrade to 6.5 early next year and in the same upgrade I'm also
going away from Windows and going to Linux (RHEL).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this migration? I have read
the documentation from the upgrade portal but I would really appreciate
some feedback from someone that has done this (or a portion of it) before.

What I'm really is looking for is:
1, What sequence do I do the upgrade in? Build Linux server, install NetBackup
XXX import data base, and then upgrade to 6.5?
2, Is it possible to install a new server (Linux with NBU6.5) and run it
side by side of my current environment. Then I can migrate over the clients
one by one. The big issue I have with this option is how do I move over
the history from the NBU data base? I would prefer this option if it's possible
without having to manually rescan each tape...

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jonas Gredenhag