Netbackup 6.0, MP4.
Master server Solaris 10 connected to a PX510 SDLT600 via a fibre SAN. Media
servers on san, connected to PX510 via shared storage: Suse Enterprise Linux
(two servers).

The problem:
The physical labels on the tapes are Q10000 -> Q10014. The PX510 sees the
tapes correctly, such as Q10000 (verified by the PX510 web admin console).
When a vmcheckxxx or vmupdate is run on the robot, the tapes come in as
"Barcode" 10Q100 -> 14Q100. Thus, the generated Media ID is also 10Q100
-> 14Q100. When a backup job goes to run, and say it requests tape 10Q100
it will return an error 98, media resource request failed.

The PX510 responds to Netbackup saying "10Q100" does not exist. The PX510
sees the tapes as Q10000 -> Q10014. No Media ID generation rules or barcode
rules are in place. The robot and drive definitions were deleted, and recreated.
I recreated them on the master server only, on one of the media servers
only, and I also tried changing the robot number from 53 to 56. The PX510
/ Netbackup setup had run, and reported tape barcodes correctly before hand.
The problem just "appeared" one day. I was getting error 96's, assumed
someone did a tape change (I am the netbackup admin of a netbackup network
that exists in the UK, and I am in the US) and ran in inventory update.
The tapes changed from Q10000 to 00Q100, etc...

Any ideas?